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Just a heads up I don't actually post that much about Free! my friend sasha-braus-district-alchemist linked me as Mackrelmore on her blog because I made the pun to her so yeah (you should totally check her out )
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i’m here to convince you to watch baccano! a show that has a staff that is almost exactly identical to that of durarara!!

not to mention that baccano! and durarara!! where written by the same person!

the execution of durarara!! and baccano! is almost identical due to this. 

honestly, i like baccano! a lot more than i like durarara!! and i think that considering how large the durarara!! fanbase is, the baccano! fanbase should be pretty large too, but it’s actually rather small, which is pretty disappointing! 

so here are a couple factoids before we really delve in!

  • baccano! is similar to durarara in multiple ways, including the execution of plot, and even opening sequences (the way the “last time on…” intersects into the opening
  • the main characters of baccano! isaac and miria, show up multiple times in durarara!, their first appearance being episode 11. in many fans opinion, this is an easter egg, but considering how similar the two universes are, i would say this implies that they do in fact take place in the same universe
  • the fullmetal alchemist series and baccano! deal with similar themes, so if you’re a fullmetal alchemist or durarara! fan, at least give baccano! a try
  • the art style in baccano! and durarara is almost exactly the same
  • the dub of baccano! is fantastic, and if you do end up watching baccano! try out the dub
  • baccano! is available for free on youtube (uploaded by funimation in sub), funimation’s website, as well as hulu

here are some helpful links

download/watch baccano! episode one sub

watch baccano! episode one dub

the baccano! opening, so you get a little glance of what you’re in for (at least listen to the song, please its fantastic

baccano’s myanimelist page

baccano! is set in the 1930’s for the most part, with cutbacks to other time periods.

baccano! has a varied cast

and even a character with what seems to be anxiety

ok, now to the plot itself!!

most of baccano! takes place on a train named, “the flying pussyfoot” and covers the events that take place on it! baccano! basically covers what happens on the train at first, showing you clips, and then delves into how all of this began, giving you backstories for the characters, etc

baccano is 13 episodes long, and has 3 specials to cover some of the light novels. 

overall, baccano! is fantastic, and if you’re into any of the shows listed above, i highly recommend you check it out!

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Source For more facts follow Ultrafacts

Freeing the slave was nice, but wouldn’t be that huge of a thing.

Smashing the cups, though? I’m just imagining that Augustus was just walking along one day and saw the slave-owner trying to kill his slave, so he just goes over, tells the slave ‘yo, you’re free’, and then, never breaking his gaze from the slaveowner, casually sweeps all the other cups off the shelf too.

It’s just such a wonderful little ‘fuck you’.

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i don’t run an anime blog, i run a personal blog and it just happens to be all anime

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  • gay
  • bisexual
  • trisexual
  • polysexual
  • pansexual
  • asexual
  • demisexual
  • a butch
  • a femme/lipstick lesbian
  • a bear
  • a boi
  • gender queer
  • no gender
  • third gender
  • two-spirit
  • intersex
  • heterosexual
  • cisgendered
  • transgender pre or post
  • male
  • female
  • an lgbt ally
  • straight
  • queer or questioning
  • a robot
  • Sex +


i dont know what like 10 of these are someone make them into links jesus christ

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whatever you say bucky

#I’M REALLY NOT A NICE MAN #sure buck. you wanna visit the animal shelter tonight? #NO I HAVE A CHARITY BALL TO ATTEND. I’M A VERY BUSY VERY DANGEROUS MAN #oh bucky

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1. Playing Innocent

A manipulator does not take responsibility for hurting others and instead plays innocent, acting like he is the harmed party when confronted about his hurtful behavior. By playing innocent and casting himself as the victim, he tries to throw his partner off balance, making her feel unjustified or even guilty about challenging his behavior. She may even become sympathetic, feeling that his bad experiences hurt him, instead of seeing his manipulative behavior as an attempt to win at all costs.

2. Rationalizing Behavior

A manipulator will offer rationalizations that justify his behavior, reasons that come close enough to making sense that the partner being manipulated is easily put off guard. The rationalizations are not his true motives, merely a means of justifying his conduct so as to avoid having to have a realistic discussion about changing it.

3. Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Try to discuss an area of disagreement with a manipulator, and the manipulator may try to retain control by changing the topic or throwing in everything including the kitchen sink to distract his partner from the discussion topic.

A classic example of how a manipulator diverts attention from the topic at hand is to talk about how the behavior he’s committed, and the partner has identified as a problem, is something other people do to him. He turns the discussion from his wrongdoing to how he is so often wronged.

Another approach is for him to introduce extraneous factors rather than respond directly to comments or questions.

4. Playing Dumb

Rather than address criticism or requests to change behaviors, a manipulator will often play dumb. With the goal of maintaining power and control, he will ignore the requests and not listen to others’s suggestions.

5. Sharing Half-Truths

A manipulator is likely to hide information that is relevant or deny his behavior by sharing just enough of the truth as necessary to convince others of his honesty. Key aspects of a situation may not be disclosed by a manipulator seeking to maintain control.

6. Inducing Guilt

A manipulative person makes accusations when confronted about his own behavior. Some classics are to accuse the partner of not loving him enough, not doing enough for him, or not doing enough to help him. His inability to change is portrayed as his partner’s fault. Typically, a manipulator chooses an empathetic partner who is vulnerable to this tactic.

7. Jokes and Insults

A manipulator will try to shame or intimidate his partner by making insulting remarks. When confronted, the manipulator will often try to pass off his rude and insulting remarks as “jokes.” A careful and honest listener will realize that his jokes are not funny and have serious, unfriendly overtones.

8. Blaming Others

A manipulator avoids responsibility for his own conduct by blaming others for causing it.

9. Minimizing the Significance of Behavior

Expect a manipulator to accuse his partner of making too big a deal out of his behavior. The partner will be accused of exaggerating the behavior itself or its significance. In other words, the manipulator contends “it’s not me who has the problem.”

10: Bullying the Victim

At the first sign his partner is trying to hold him accountable for his behavior, a manipulator may begin to turn the tables by bullying the partner. He may accuse the partner of wrongdoing on other occasions or of always treating him badly. By bullying the partner, he expects her to back off and let him maintain his controlling position.

***”Manipulation is a learned behaviorno one is born with it. It’s very much a survival strategy learned from early childhood and therefore changing the behavior is near impossible. Your time is better invested in developing strategies to protect yourselves, because you can never change a manipulator’s actions.”

In other words, dump the jerk and then look into how you attracted him in the first place. “Women who attract manipulators tend to lack self-worth and assertiveness, and they tend to be people pleasers. They trust to the point of ignorance and therefore do not realize that they are being manipulated until they have been in emotional turmoil for some time. It can often be years before they see the situation for what it really is.

But once you do recognize it, you can put a stop to it. “First, take responsibility and own up to being a victim and a target.  And most importantly, get out of the relationship and become who you really are; not something someone else wants you to be.”

Sources: Carol Bengle Gilbert and Colleen Oakley

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New York City Ballet

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imagine bucky and steve taking shots of like 100 proof vodka and trying to get DRUNK and steve is totally unaffected but after the 20th shot or something bucky is drunk as fuck and he looks at steve really seriously (while swaying slightly in his chair) and steve is kind of…

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